About the Show

Moosemeat & Marmalade brings two very different chefs together to explore culture, culinary traditions and really good food.

Art Napoleon


Seasoned Hunter & Bushcook

Art is an experienced hunter and an adventurous outdoor cook. He loves experimenting with food, combining his knowledge of plants and wildlife with home-style cooking techniques to create healthy, affordable meals that showcase Indigenous foods. Traditional Indigenous practices such as the respect for food sources, creating minimal waste and following ethical techniques are key considerations in the meals he creates.


United Kingdom

Classically Trained French Chef

From Commis to Head Chef, Dan has worked with various talented chefs in numerous high-end and Michelin starred restaurants. He has taught cookery all over the UK, food styled with one of Britain’s top food photography companies, and consulted on the development and opening of restaurants in London and the Canary Isles.

From fishing, hunting and gathering to final presentation this London Chef combines his classical French training and love of rustic Mediteranean cuisine and seafood cookery to create memorable and outstanding dishes, events and cookery lessons.


September 6, 2022 on APTN



Episode 1- Squirrel
Art reconnects with his old friend Métis Mike, a Greater Victoria-based pest control officer. Métis Mike takes Art and Dan hunting for grey squirrels, an invasive species and local pest. Later, the trio cooks a delicious meal on an open fire by the lake.
Episode 2- Oyster
Dan introduces Art to local activist and environmentalist Briony Penn. Briony Penn gives the duo a crash course in oysters. Later, the pair visits a farm where oranges and avocados flourish in an energy-conserving greenhouse. The zest is yet to come!
Episode 3- Beaver
In this episode, Art and Dan put their canoeing skills to the test when they try to hunt a beaver. The competition is on to see who can create a better beaver dish!
Episode 4- Bear
The pair heads to the lush region of Cowichan Valley, B.C., to visit a firing range at the Victoria Fish and Game Protective Association. On the range, they meet two Métis shooters who teach them how to hunt a bear.
Episode 5- Seal
In this episode, Art and Dan head to the remote community of Bella Coola to hunt seals. Led by a Nuxalk guide, the pair enjoys their time on the water. Later, the duo travels to a sacred mountain for a spirit bath.
Episode 6- Crab & Prawn
Dan and Art spend the day harvesting locally sourced food to cook a splendid meal. Later, Art visits a mobile greenhouse and is gifted seeds from the community seed library.
Episode 7- Nisga'a Salmon
In this episode, Art and Dan head to the rugged coast of Nass Valley, home to the Nisga’a Nation. Guided by an Elder, the pair fishes for salmon and picks lava berries on an ancient lava bed.
Episode 8- Spey Casting
Art and Dan meet up with experienced fishing guides, Mandi and Gil McDowell, to learn about spey casting. A visit to the Skeena Valley Farmers Market yields a bounty of freeze-dried wild mushrooms.
Episode 9- Buffalo
Art and Dan travel to Poundmaker Cree Nation, Sask., home to the Poundmaker monument and herds of wild buffalo. Led by an Elder and his apprentice, the pair goes on a buffalo hunting adventure.
Episode 10- Wild Boar
Art and Dan head to North Battleford, Sask., to visit Kelly Readman’s operation, Wild Boar Adventures. Following a successful hunt, the duo visits the honey farm of beekeeper Jim Shevchuk.
Episode 11- Moose
After a short history lesson about the Tsilhqot’in war, Art and Dan are invited to hunt for moose near the Tl'etinqox-tin community in British Columbia.
Episode 12- Beef
Dan takes Art to the historic Flying U Ranch, the oldest operating ranch in Canada. Guided by cowboy Steve, the pair explores the area on horseback.
Episode 13- Family
In the season finale of “Moosemeat & Marmalade,” Art and Dan head to a campground on the shores of Lake Cowichan to enjoy a family campout. After their hunting success, they enjoy a tailgate meal involving fresh venison, whiskey and keto bannock.

Episode 1- Peace Potluck
Art and Dan visit Peace River where they learn about the impact of the Site C dam project, hunt deer and pick berries.

Episode 2- Warm the Cockles of Your Heart!
Dan and Art travel to the scenic beaches of southern Wales to learn about traditional Welsh food.

Episode 3- Caribou Camp
Art takes Dan to his home territory to introduce him to a caribou restoration project and an annual culture camp.

Episode 4-Lamb and Leeks
Art and Dan wander the Welsh saltmarshes, visit a leek farm, explore a castle and listen to a Welsh all-male choir.

Episode 5-Masset Surf and Turf
Art brings Dan to Haida Gwaii to dig for razor clams, learn about the Haida potato and cook in a Haida longhouse.

Episode 6- 9 White Deer
Art and Dan go to Count Cork, where they hunt Sika deer and learn about Irish culture.

Episode 7- Halibut
The hosts paddle a Haida war canoe, fish for halibut, pick wild cranberries and cook at the Haida Heritage Centre.

Episode 8- Fish and Potatoes
When Dan and Art go to County Cork to fish, Art finds unexpected connections between Indigenous Peoples and the Irish.

Episode 9- Sturgeon Spearfishing
Art and Dan visit Kahnawake to spearfish for sturgeon. They learn about Haudenosaunee corn and giant mushrooms.

Episode 10-Maple Duck
Art and Dan travel to Montreal to experience its diverse food scene.

Episode 11- Wild Duck Hunt
Art and Dan go on a duck hunt in the Cowichan Valley and meet the head chef at the Cowichan Elder’s Centre.

Episode 12-Castle Shoot
Dan and Art have a thoroughly British experience at Belvoir Castle.

Episode 13- Closing Feast
Art and Dan host a feast for some of the guests of episodes from the last five years and reminisce.
Episode 1 — Arctic Fishing
Art and Dan head to Nunavut for their first time! Their three-day journey includes a trip out on the open ice for some Greenland turbot, meeting the “Blue Eyed Inuk”, Simon Keenainuk, a musician famous throughout the Arctic, and traveling on a komatik to ice fish for Arctic char.
Episode 2 — Wine & Tapas
Dan has Art try his first tapas at a roadside restaurant in the mountains of Andalucía, which prompts them to make their own tapas but first, it’s a firsthand lesson on wine. Not only do the hosts visit a famous vineyard and winery housed in an ancient convent, they are also invited to a wine festival in Moclinejo where they part-take in ceremonies.
Episode 3 — Arctic Hare
Art and Dan arrive in Iqaluit and while walking in the elements, are turned back by a blizzard. When the storm dies, they travel the hillsides hunting arctic hare. Later the hosts visit Sylvia Cloutier who gives them lessons on making aluk, an Inuit dessert of berries and caribou fat.
Episode 4 — Bull
Dan takes the bull by the horns, taking Art on tour of Ronda, Spain to a practice bullring where fighting bulls are raised. They meet a practicing matador and later cook up a meal in a unique restaurant situated under the bleachers of a real bullring!
Episode 5 — Ptarmigan
Art and Dan join a community-wide ptarmigan hunting contest and learn to bake using foraged Inuit ingredients like crowberries. They also visit the local soup kitchen where they whip up some ptarmigan stew. Art and Dan are both put to work feeding the hungry who have come in off the cold streets.
Episode 6 — Pig
Dan takes Art to Spain to show him some food customs of rural villagers. The hosts get to know a local family and are put to work with butchering, cleaning, and making sausages. They help cook a traditional outdoor meal of fresh pork cuts and goodies from the garden.
Episode 7 — Seal
The guys head out on the open ice to try their luck at seal hunting. Returning empty handed, the guys learn of an Elder known as the Laughing Chef, who has offered to give them some seal meat to cook with. At the Elder’s Centre, Dan and Art cook up their seal dish, the Laughing Chef brings seal intestine soup and the Deputy Minister of Justice has delivers cupcakes with crowberry frosting.
Episode 8 — Spear Fishing
In Ibiza, Dan’s summer childhood home, Dan and Art go spear fishing on the Mediterranean! With a big load of tropical fish, Dan decides they are going to make a seafood paella.
Episode 9 — Raccoon
Art and Dan head to “The Blossoming Place” a nursery/community garden at the T’sartlip First Nation that feeds young students and teaches them about plants. The hosts cook Pulled BBQ’d Bandit with Lamb’s Quarters potato salad, cooking rustic style over a campfire and some gas stoves.  It’s a seaside picnic to remember as the guests taste raccoon for the first time!
Episode 10 — Fish Stew
Dan and Art are trying the Ibiza signature dish Bullit de Peix (fish stew) and Dan decides to make his own version. First, they must go fishing. Dan teaches Art various techniques including fishing with bread. The guys are invited to cook at SOS, a family owned restaurant in Cala Llonga.
Episode 11 — Intertribal Feast
While walking along a Victoria harbor talking about eating an Indigenous diet in the city, Art decides to take Dan to the urban reserve of Songhees. The guys cook up a feast with an immense menu; stuffed moose heart, moose nose tacos, camas, huckleberry preserves, herbed bannock, bison tongue, moose marrow, and traditional Cherokee hickory nut soup.
Episode 12 — Land of Plenty
The hosts are meeting Dan’s friend Matt at one of the trendy beach restaurants of Ibiza and Matt challenges Dan to cook at his countryside estate. Dan accepts the offer and the guys immediately set out to gather ingredients. It’s not a hunt nor are they fishing, they plan to gather all their goods from local markets and gardens!
Episode 13 — Crab & Oysters
In this jointly led episode, Art and Dan head to Denman Island in search of crabs and oysters. They go crabbing and pick up fresh vegetables from farmer Sam of the Two Roads Farm. Dan handles the oysters while Art creates a seafood salad using plants and seaweed from local beaches. The enormous, colorful meal is a big success and a reflection of a “5-mile diet”.
Episode 1 — Clam
Art introduces Dan to a reclaimed First Nation’s clam garden located in BC’s Gulf Island’s National Park. After learning about the traditional means of cultivating and cooking clams, Art whips up a fire-roasted clam bake.
Episode 2 — Goat
Dan takes Art to a small Gulf Island inhabited by almost as many goats as people. Ever helpful, Dan assists a local farmer whose livestock is threatened by feral goats. Art and Dan must cook in a cramped double-decker bus but, despite this, the resulting meal is not baaaad!
Episode 3 — Pike
Art introduces Dan to Yellowknife’s funky urban beat. After hooking a monster Pike on the recently thawed Great Slave Lake, Art makes a pit spot at a funky spice shop. Dismissed by local Dene as an overly bony fish, Art is determined to create a mouthwatering meal from his catch.
Episode 4 — Chicken
Dan hatches a plan to de-pluck the mystery that shields the chicken industry. He brings Art to two organic free range farms located in the Cowichan Valley to source Vancouver Island’s best poultry and eggs. The meal Dan wings for his guests leaves them feeling no longer peckish.
Episode 5 — Whitefish
Art sets out to learn the traditional means of baking Whitefish in clay- sourced from the Yellowknife River. But first he and Dan must survive a rocky boat ride across the Great Slave Lake to drop the nets. Once their seasickness subsides, Art and Dan celebrate a clay-baked dinner with local dene drummers – a truly authentic experience in the Northwest Territories!
Episode 6 — Eels
From the shores of the River Severn, Art and Dan learn how to catch glass eels from a tidal river. The guys also get a chance to see an eel hatchery in Gloucester. Then back to London for some delicious eel dishes.
Episode 7 — Hunt
After a formal welcome at Smither’s airport, Art and Dan are guided on a hunt by a Wetsuweten elder. Their aspirations to bag an elk are spoiled by a pair of cheeky black bears. All is not lost though thanks to a communal outpouring of generosity and Art’s performance at an Aboriginal Day Festival.
Episode 8 — Pigeon
Sitting in a blind, Art and Dan test their patience. With a quick stop off at a gorgeous orchard Art and Dan are ready to head back to the heart of London, to the country’s best wild food restaurant, Native, to feed some very lucky people!
Episode 9 — Chinook
Art and Dan pay a visit to a Gitxsan fisherwoman in Hazelton, BC. They ride along with her as she checks the nets that feed hundreds of families in her community. Art and Dan are lucky enough to be gifted a Chinook and granted the honour of cooking at K’San historical village.
Episode 10 — Fly Fishing
Set on the former grounds of the Duke of Buckingham, Dan takes Art to his old school, Stowe, to try and teach Art how to fly fish. A nearby farm provides just what they need to go with their catch. Visiting his old alma mater, Dan gets a chance to cook for people that once cooked for him.
Episode 11 — Gleaning
Art sidelines Dan with his plans to create a meatless meal. Once the shock subsides, the pair meet with a “meatless butcher” in Victoria as well as glean produce from local orchards and farms. Art and Dan agree that gleaning is a delicious means of securing food and part of a long First Nations tradition of avoiding food waste.
Episode 12 — Deer
It’s not unheard of to have deer in a city, but the herds of deer in Richmond Park, London, are truly something to gawk at. A local butcher and a community garden offer some splendid treats to help Dan’s dish. Let’s hope he doesn’t make too big of a mess in his mummy’s kitchen.
Episode 13 — Octopus and Prawns
Art and Dan travel up island to Cowichan Bay to do some spot prawn fishing. When their guide pulls up the traps, they’re surprised to find an unexpected treat: a Pacific octopus! Not ones to waste by-catch, Art and Dan work together to create a fresh and delicious seafood meal served up at a beautiful seaside location!
Episode 1 — Goose
In the season 2 opener Dan takes Art on an excursion just 20 minutes outside of Victoria BC to get everything they need to make an absolutely exquisite goose lunch. Bon Appétit!
Episode 2 — Bear
Art takes Dan to the northern end of Vancouver Island in search of black bears. Art showcases one of his favourite meals at a traditional Metis gathering. Micisok!
Episode 3 — Scallops
In the icy waters off of Scotland, Dan recruits some help to dive for fresh scallops. Dan and Art brave the cold winds and rain to forage another rather surprising source of healthy seafood – there for the taking right on the beach. Bon Appétit!
Episode 4 — Muskrat
Art and Dan visit Pikwakanagan First Nation where they meet an elder who shows them the ropes on his trap line. Even muskrat can be made into a meal that the community will come out for – even if Dan has difficulty eating this one! Micisok!
Episode 5 — Roe Deer
In the gorgeous highlands of West Scotland Dan and Art stalk for Roe Deer. And there’s even a Piper on hand to pipe in Dan’s traditional Scottish meal. Complete with haggis and Scotch. Bon Appétit!
Episode 6 — Trout
A mile high in the Rocky Mountains in the middle of January, Art takes Dan snowshoeing, snowmobiling and for a walk on a lake to go ice fishing for trout. Micisok!
Episode 7 — Squirrel
In the heart of the Oxfordshire countryside, Dan takes Art hunting for a truly menacing invader and predator, the grey squirrel. Art’s somewhat amused by the style of hunting these “wild beasts” – but admits the resulting meal tastes great. Bon Appétit!
Episode 8 — Turkey
Art and Dan may know that, “The early bird may get the worm.”, but the people in Curve Lake First Nation know that the extremely early hunter gets the turkey. Micisok!
Episode 9 — Pickerel
Even in the heart of Canada’s biggest city, Dan still knows which markets and shops to go to in order to get the freshest of ingredients. Bon Appétit!
Episode 10 — Elk
Travelling around the Okanagan Valley, Art shows Dan how to live off the land and still make a mouthwatering elk dish. Micisok!
Episode 11 — Muntjac
With the aid of renowned U.K. wild game chef, Mike Robinson, Dan and Art go searching for the small muntjac deer. But do they really need an old army tank to do the job? Bon Appétit!
Episode 12 — Porcupine
Art leads Dan on a search for one of nature’s slower moving creatures, the porcupine. With all that protection it has to be good, right? Micisok!
Episode 13 — Dogfish & Urchin
In the season 2 finale, the guys return to Victoria, BC, to combine freshly caught seafood with freshly harvested produce. Cheers!

Episode 1 — Beavers and the Boys
Art takes Dan to a Northern BC community to hunt beaver. It's all a culture shock for Dan. He is taught to skin a beaver by an Elder, learns about edible plants, and participates in a friendly cook-off with community-minded women.

Episode 2 — Pheasant
Dan takes Art to a formal UK style pheasant hunt in the Lincolnshire countryside in a 17th century manor. The local gamekeeper explains how the landscape has been transformed as the two attend a pheasant shoot.

Episode 3 — Deer
Art and Dan go hunting on a Vancouver Island farm where deer have become a pest to local farmers. Art teaches Dan to track and what signs to look for as they build a hunting blind in the rain.

Episode 4 — Beef and High Tea
Art and Dan head to a small organic farm, which supplies some of the finest grass-fed beef in Canada. The boys wander through the Mill Bay Farmer's Market for ingredients before heading to the Oak Bay Beach Hotel to cook their meal.

Episode 5 — Bison
After witnessing a bison harvest Art teaches Dan to give thanks "Cree style". Art talks about traditional ethics, respect and belief systems around hunting. The boys head to the legendary Rolla Pub and end up offering a bison barbecue.

Episode 6 — Bangers and Mash
Art and Dan explore British countryside pub culture and all of the culinary delights of UK's Somerset region. They visit the Natterjack Inn where the owners are treated to Dan's upscale version of bangers and mash.

Episode 7 — Salmon
Dan and Art learn how to catch salmon in the Sooke River. They find that this Salish technique takes all of the patience they can muster. The two are then taken to the T'souke smoke house to learn a local smoke barbecuing fish technique.

Episode 8 — Poisson
Dan takes Art on a journey to his London roots and to his early days under the tutelage of his master chef in the heart of Chelsea. This is Dan's element, and Art's nightmare - an extravagant, five-star restaurant.

Episode 9 — Moose
Art takes Dan to BC's Northern Rockies to hunt moose; the iconic Canadian symbol and staple of many First Nations for countless generations. Dan learns a bit about what it takes to hunt moose and is miffed to learn this is the "easy" way.

Episode 10 — Lamb
Dan takes Art to the English county of Devon to stay at a refurbished medieval farm and partake in the region's culinary gifts. Art and Dan are invited to cook a lamb dinner in the medieval kitchen.

Episode 11 — Rabbit
Art shows Dan where he grew up eating wild snowshoe hares in a Northern BC community near Cowichan River. Dan learns how to snare wild rabbits and forage for plants with a local medicine woman.

Episode 12 — Classy Caviar
It's all about the expensive roe from giant, prehistoric fish as Dan leads Art on a fascinating journey through the entire rearing, harvesting and canning process as they get into tanks with the powerful sturgeon and help harvest.

Episode 13 — Shellfish Pit-cook
Art and Dan create a modern version of a West Coast pit cook in the Nuuchanulth community of Estowista near Tofino. With the beautiful backdrop of the Pacific's long sandy beaches, our hosts are taught to harvest shellfish.