Pink Salmon Goan Coconut Curry

Goan and give this flavourful curry a try.


  • 1 whole pink salmon, gutted, head removed, and scaled. 
  • Canola oil and salt.
  • 1 bunch green onions
  • 1 large 2-inch knob of ginger. 
  • 2 small chiles (e.g. Thai red chilies)
  • ½ cup full-fat Coconut milk
  • Garam Masala spice powder (curry powder would work in a pinch)
  • Basmati rice


  1. Cook a large portion of basmati rice according to package instructions.
  2. Cut the salmon loin cross-wise into 1 inch steaks. Leaving the skin on is fine.
  3. Heat a large frying pan on medium high heat. Add a good glug of canola oil, and all your salmon steaks, meat side against the pan. Season with salt.
  4. Slice the whole bunch of green onions. Peel the knob of ginger and cut into julienne (thick matchsticks). Slice your chiles. Add the green onions, ginger and chilies to the pan.
  5. Add 2 tablespoons of garam masala powder, and the coconut milk.
  6. Cook another 2 minutes until everything is combined. Keep cooking until the salmon is cooked to your liking, the adjust with a squeeze of lime or pinch of salt if needed. 
  7. Serve atop basmati rice.

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