Deer Liver & Onions

Most people have tried liver, and some very fortunate people have had deer liver!! There is no need to be messing around with a bunch of things when you already have a wonderful piece of meat. If you ever get a chance to try this, jump on it!!


Deer Liver & Onions Ingredients:

• 1 pound deer liver, sliced thin & silver-skin removed

• 1 cup of homo milk

• 2 med. red, white or sweet onions, sliced into rings

• ¼ cup butter or bacon grease, divided (add more if necessary)

• 1 cups all-purpose flour, with salt and pepper as needed


Deer Liver Instructions:

• An hour before cooking, place liver in a shallow bowl (or a resealable bag) and cover with homo milk and refrigerate.

• Then, melt a couple of tablespoons of butter in a heavy skillet and sauté onion rings slowly until they are translucent and a bit caramelized, on medium heat.

• While the onions are cooking, dredge the liver slices in the flour/salt/pepper mixture.

• Remove the onions from the skillet and melt the rest of the butter or bacon grease.

• Sauté the liver slowly, turning once. The liver should have just a hint of pink inside, and it takes only a few minutes to cook it to this point.

• When all the liver is cooked, reduce heat, add the onions back to the skillet, and heat through.


• Arrange on platter and serve. Do not overcook liver unless you want cardboard.

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