Fire-Roasted Chinook

Now here is a dish to impress your friends on your next fishing trip. You will only need to bring a few things from home - the rest nature will provide!


Salmon Ingredients:

• 1 Small Chinook salmon, cleaned & gutted – but any kind of salmon will do

• 2 T moose lard or butter

• Sea salt to taste

• 4 large burdock leaves for wrapping the fish

• Wild herbs such as raspberry leaf, alder leaves, wild roses, fireweed etc., or whatever is in season

Wild Foraged Salad Ingredients:

• ½ cup young dandelion leaves

• ½ cup plantain leaves

• ¼ cup wild rose petals

• 1 cup baby spinach

Dressing Ingredients:

• 2 T vinegar (apple cider is best)

• 1 T maple syrup

• 3 T olive oil

• 1 T fireweed jelly or any type of local wild berry jelly

• ½ cup fresh or frozen huckleberries (blackberries or blueberries can be substituted)


Fire Roasted Chinook Instructions:

• Rub the lard or butter inside the stomach cavity of the fish then sprinkle with sea salt.

• Stuff the salmon with the wild leaves except for the burdock.

• Wrap the salmon in the burdock leaves then wrap again using tinfoil and seal tightly ensuring that no moisture escapes.

• Place in the hot coals of a fire and allow to slow roast for around two hours depending on size of fish. Turn fish after the first hour to maximize even cooking but very gently to not break the foil seal.

• Do not overcook the fish or it becomes dry. If the salmon is not cooked entirely through, you can always serve the cooked parts then rewrap the middle and cook longer or simply give the raw parts a quick sautée.


• Place the open fish on the table and allow guests to serve themselves the portions they want. For salad, place leaves in bowl then mix with hands. Then shake up the dressing ingredients in a small jar and pour over the salad. Top with berries and rose petals. Serve this meal with roast potatoes, bannock & a foraged tea mixture such as wild mint or muskeg.

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