Fireside Clambake

Very few words are as comforting as, “clambake”! With an open flame and a Dutch Oven, Art makes one feel good dish. This is the sort of dish that doesn’t have leftovers.


Fireside Clambake Ingredients:

• Equivalent to 6 cups fresh clams well rinsed

• 1 side or large fillet of salmon

• 1 small packet smoked or candied salmon

• 5 medium potatoes, cubed

• 3 ears fresh corn cut into 2 inch sections

• 1 medium white or red onion

• ½ cup shallots, green onions, or chives

• 2 L. vegetable stock

• ½ cup white wine

• ½ package butter

• 2 bulbs garlic

• Handful dried seaweed

• Handful fresh parsley or oregano

• Salt & pepper to taste


Fireside Clambake Instructions:

This is a one-pot dish designed to be cooked on an outdoor fire in a Dutch oven but will also work in an indoor oven using heavy duty oven wear.

• Heat up Dutch oven against the flames of your fire and add 3 T of the butter, stock, onions, garlic and potatoes, cover with lid and allow to steam until potatoes are half cooked (about 10 mins depending on heat).

• When spuds are ready add corn, place lid back on Dutch oven and cook ingredients for 5 mins. Add more stock if liquid is running low, as the vegetables have to steam.

• Then add the clams, raw salmon fillet, wine, salt and seaweed and allow to cook until clams begin to open and salmon starts to turn pink.

• Remove from heat, add the smoked or candied salmon as a topping, place lid back on and keep the clambake warm at the fire’s edge.

• Just before serving, strain the liquid from the pot into a saucepan and add 1 cup of butter, the fresh herbs and whisk over medium heat.


• Pour the sauce into small serving bowls and use as a dipping sauce for the clambake. Serve hot. Ask anyone who does not like this dish to immediately leave the dinner party and get a life…

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