Hunter’s Elk Stew

Even saying the word “stew” makes one feel warm inside. This stew will surely make you feel warm and full!


Wild Game Stew Ingredients:

• ½ pound wild game meat such as elk, moose, deer or bear cubed

• 1 large potato cubed

• 1 large carrot sliced

• 1 med onion chopped

• ½ cup flour

• 2 beef bouillon cubes

• 1 L beef or game stock

• small bunch of wild onion (substitute chives) chopped

• ¼ cup barley

• 1 T canola oil

• 1 T bacon grease


Wild Game Instructions:

• Dredge meat chunks generously in flour and fry in oil until browned then do the same with the fresh veggies.

• Add meat & veggies to preheated stock and bring to a boil.

• Boil meat & veggies over medium heat for 20 mins then add the barley & bouillon and cook for another 30 mins or until vegetables reach desired tenderness.


• Serve immediately in rustic bowls with a side of frybread and some minced wild onion.

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