Pan Fried Rainbow Trout with Birch Butter & Roasted Roots

You don't have to go over the rainbow to get your taste buds dancing. Art takes this beautiful fish and adds a whole lot of comfort to the plate. With roasted root vegetables, birch butter, and some fresh herbs, this meal is sure to leave you singing.


Pan Fried Trout Ingredients:
• 2 trout fillets (from 1 med sized rainbow trout)
• 2 T butter
• 1 handful fresh thyme
• 1 handful of chives
• salt & pepper to taste

Brown Butter:
• ¼ cup butter
• ¼ Irish ale
• 1 T birch syrup

Roasted Root Veggies Ingredients:
• 6 med beets, 3 red & 3 yellow
• 6 fingerling potatoes
• 1 med onion cut into rustic chunks
• ¼ cup olive oil


Rainbow Trout Instructions:

• Melt lard & butter in skillet over med/high heat then add a handful of fresh thyme.
• Once butter begins to turn golden, add scaled trout fillets skin side down & sprinkle with sea salt.
• In the fish skillet, once fillets begin to brown and crisp on the bottom, add minced chives and allow the fish to braise until fish is no longer translucent.

Brown Butter Instructions:

• In a separate skillet, heat up ½ cup butter and heat until it begins to bubble.
• Immediately add birch syrup, ale & maple sugar while stirring then remove from heat.


• Pour the birch butter over the rainbow fillets allowing the hot mixture to cook the top sides.
• Serve trout with the roasted veggies. As an option, add previously cooked rice to the fish pan and quickly fry up, allowing the rice to absorb the flavours of the remaining sauce.

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