Surf & Turf With Razor Clams & Sika Deer

You'll never get sika these clams.


Note: A two component dish with deer in one skillet and clam fritters in another.


Clam Fritters:

• 1 cup chopped razor clams, fresh or jarred

• 1/3 cup minced onion

• 1 egg

• ¼ cup flour

• 3/4 cup panko


Pan Fried Deer Cutlets:

• 4-6 deer cutlets cut from loins or back-strap but any tender cuts will work. Any venison will work.

• 1 large handful of fingerling potatoes or Haida potatoes

• Oil or lard for frying

• Salt & pepper to taste

• ½ cup salal berries (saskatoons also go nicely with deer but any hard-skinned wild berries will work).


Clam Fritters:

  1. Combine all ingredients in a bowl, setting aside a bit of the panko.
  2.  Mix until fritter dough can form patties or clam balls. If the mixture is runny add more panko or roll clam balls in a dish of panko before frying.
  3.  Heat ½ inch of canola oil in bottom of a skillet until oil reaches medium/high heat then add a clam fritter for testing.
  4. If the fritter browns too quickly, it could be raw in the middle to adjust temperature because every burner is different. I like to make small balls or patties to ensure even cooking all the way through.
  5. When you’re satisfied with your oil temperature and size of your clam fritters, fry up a whole skillet of them, turning over halfway through to ensure a golden-brown colour and crispiness to the crust.
  6. Remove fritters with a slotted spoon and place on absorbent paper.
  7. Serve hot with tartar sauce or a side of coleslaw.

Pan Fried Deer Cutlets:

  1. Wash fingerlings and slice diagonally. If you don’t have fingerlings use yellow fleshed potatoes and cut them small enough that they will fry quickly.
  2. Heat oil or lard in skillet over medium/high heat then add sliced potatoes and fry stirring for about 5 minutes.
  3. Then add deer cutlets because they don’t take long to cook. Turn them once in a while to ensure even browning.
  4. When the deer is almost cooked to your liking and potatoes begin to caramelize add the berries and fry up the entire mixture, adding more oil if needed.
  5. Place the entire turf fry on a large plate and drizzle the pan grease and any of the sauce that has formed, over the entire mixture. Serve hot!

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